About Company:

PPHU KOLMET, established in 1981 is a well-known and specialised manufacturer of accessories and components for tram, trolley, bus and rail overhead lines as well as some trams parts. We have been engaged into the production of such equipment since 1996. For many years we have been cooperating with private companies and state-owned transport companies, among others:

MPK Wrocław - ZSiZ Wrocław - MPK Poznań - MZK Bydgoszcz - MZK Szczecin - MPK Gdańsk - MPK Łódź (public transport operators)

Our motto is:

1. Very fast response-time based on:

- Prompt and on-time deliveries of ordered goods at our expense to any place specified by the customer.
- Swift implementation of new production lines as required individually by our customers.

2. Top-quality products with the use of many high-class materials

- Our strategy is based on the production of the highest quality products making use of the finest materials as they are the only ones which are able to provide the highest possible quality and safety. The manufacturing of catenary equipment and accessories calls for the application of various raw materials such as steel, cast iron, plastics, glass fibres and resins. As a result, we have got extensive experience in the treatment of such materials.

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