Cure we produce over 150 catenary components and every year we bring about 20 new products into the production process. All of our products comply with the current standards, and if necessary, they also hold appropriate certificates.


Production of insulators, brackets, connectors, fittings and all kinds of pole clamps used in the construction of tram, trolleybus and train overhead lines. Production of insulators and connectors used at industrial overhead cranes (mines, shipyards) Production of aluminum connectors and fittings used at bus and tram handrails Production of ornamental castings made of non-ferrous metals based on provided as well as our own designs (fences, buildings, fixtures, fittings, door handles, signs, etc.)


- Hydraulic presses (160 T).
- Foundry of non-ferrous metals - die and sand casts. 27 years of experience. We also treat cast components.

Our company is a dynamic player on the market and continues to develop all the time. We keep looking for new production fields, and hence for new markets. If you are looking for a co-operator to quickly meet your requirements, do not hesitate to call us!